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I am so happy to have found David Melvin and Comforts of Home Massage! I am probably one of the pickiest people when it comes to a massage!  Like Goldilocks - I think there is “too soft”, “too hard” and JUST RIGHT!!! David is definitely JUST RIGHT! He listens carefully to what you AND your body is in need of each visit - not “let’s do the same exact massage every time I see you!”  Not only is his treatment custom to you on that day - the music can be too!!! I didn’t bring my favorite music the first time I saw him, but as soon as I got permission….I was all in!!!  I am even picky about that! I know what it takes to get me to relax and check out of my busy, full schedule and David was all about learning that and giving me the experience I wanted. I look forward to every visit knowing I am taking the very best care of myself by seeing a massage therapist who always has MY best interest and needs in mind. Lysa W. Stow, MA

Dave is one of the best massage therapists I know. I have been to him multiple times for custom massage since we first met and I always look forward to seeing him. What's truly special about his treatments is how his unique blend of techniques allows the body to let go of tension and stress without resistance. He has not only helped release my hip and knee, but also provides an optimal space for overall relaxation. If you feel any type of physical or mental stress, I would recommend seeing Dave as soon as possible. The best part is he will even come to you! Thanks Dave! Meghan R. Newton, MA

I got my wife a gift card for a massage from Dave for Christmas and she loved it! I will definitely be getting more gift certificates for his services in the future. Dave takes the time to really listen to his clients and customizes the experience for their wants and needs. A great experience! I highly recommend his services. Rob W. West Roxbury, MA

I have been going to Dave since he received his license in 1999.  Dave is Excellent!  Most importantly, I always feel comfortable in his presence.  He has a calm and relaxing demeanor and that translates into my massages.  Dave knows that I go to him for pure relaxation.  However, there was one time a few years ago when I suffered from a strained muscle in my back.  I had never felt pain like that before so I called  Dave and he was able to see me within the hour at his house.  What a relief! Dave's in-home studio is so nice.  You do not feel like you are encroaching on family space because of the side entrance and bathroom that is just across the hall from the massage room.  It is a perfect set-up.  Already looking forward to my next appointment. Jana B.